Wealth Management
What is it?
Sometimes it makes sense for us to do everything for you, so you can focus on the things you love. This is our bread and butter, our best Veterans succeed the most when we set goals and objectives together, set up the structures and foundations best to achieve them, and then separate the on-going management to the things in your control for you to focus on and the rest left to us to keep on track. For many current serving, their schedules are so full with field exercises and deployments, it is very efficient to be able to offload one of the biggest pers admin burdens knowing it is fully taken care of. This package always works the best for our Veterans solely due to the lack of time you have to do it yourself.

Our clients agree that the better return on investment for their time is doing the things they are good at such as growing their own businesses, generating more income or even travelling and spending time with family. Wealth Management isn’t necessarily just for those who don’t know what they are doing, its mostly for those who have better things to do with their time when someone else can do it faster, more efficiently and give you back the one thing we have no control over, to do with it what makes you happy!

How does it work
• Wealth Management is essentially our Financial Advice Service with mandatory on-going management and membership packages.

• The Wealth Management fee structure is covered by an up-front engagement fee to initiate the advice and then an on-going retainer to manage your financial situation and covers the on-going future advice initiated from the start (any new advice areas will need to be priced accordingly)

• Our packages cover what advice you are entitled to and how many reviews.

• If the upfront model doesn’t work we are happy to tailor the retainer to make it more suitable to you

• Wealth Management has a mandatory obligation for the on-going management of your portfolio

• To keep every great piece of advice on-track and remain relevant, regular reviews are always recommended and will be determined by you and what package you select.

• Different packages have different recommended reviews and also perks such as discounts on fees, client events and even referral perks and rewards!