Three Kings has tailored it's services for every client, it's experience you can count on

Even though the idea of financial planning is the same for everyone, the execution is always different down to an individual level and why cookie cutter approaches should not be taken. We understand the difference down to the most minor nuances for each of our preferred member categories and have developed packages, both tailored and member selected, to suit you now but to also be able to change with you as your life changes.

Financial Consulting

It’s not always advice that you need, maybe just education and some questions answered, we are okay with that. We developed our Financial Consulting model for Professionals and Business Owners that already have all the structures and foundations in place or want to do it themselves and just need to ask a few questions every now and then to stay on track. We do not take your personal circumstances into consideration when consulting, rather we pick a few topics you want to discuss, go over them in as much detail or as briefly as you want and ensure you walk away with all of the tools you need to keep yourself on track.

Financial Advice

Even though you may need advice, you may not need us to manage your money forever, and that’s okay! Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to pay on-going fees for someone to manage your whole situation as you may be in a period where there’s not much to do, such as early on in your career, or you are happy and capable enough to manage it yourself. It may also be to review or place alongside other factors a previous manager or adviser has done when you may have been at a different stage of your career.

Wealth Management

Sometimes it makes sense for us to do everything for you, so you can focus on the things you love. This is our bread and butter, our Professionals and Business Owners succeed the most when we set goals and objectives together, set up the structures and foundations best to achieve them, and then separate the on-going management to the things in your control for you to focus on and the rest left to us to keep on track.